Tips and Tricks

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Tips and Tricks

3 Simple Steps for Liquid Concentrate (Just Add Water)

Step 1

Add the entire content of the WOWmazing® Giant Bubble Concentrate pouch to one quart (32 oz or 4 cups) of tap water.Mix it gently to avoid creating excess foam.

Step 2

Dip the string fully into the WOWmazing® Giant Bubble Solution.

Step 3

With the breeze at your back, keep the tips together and lift high into the air. Slowly spread the two tips apart and the breeze will begin to blow the big bubble outward.

4 Simple Steps for Powder Bubble Mix

Step 1

Add 1 gallon of water in a large bucket.

Step 2

In a separate container, add 1 cup of dish detergent then add powder packet. Mix for at least 60 seconds.

Step 3

Pour Mix into the 1 gallon of water and stir gently.

Step 4

With the breeze at your back, keep the tips together and lift high into the air. Now you are ready to create WOWmazing® Bubbles!

Bubble Tricks

WOWmazing® Two-at-time

Wrap your WOWmazing® cord around each other to make it double the fun! Two bubbles simultaneously means more bubbles faster for everyone to enjoy!

WOWmazing® Spiral Loops

One or Two handed spiral around to make a full looped bubble!

WOWmazing® Touch-a-bubble

Dip your clean hands directly into the WOWmazing® Giant Bubble Solution and gently touch a floating bubble.

Note: trick will not work if your hands are oily or greasy.

WOWmazing® Flippers

Flip your WOWmazing® with a back and forth motion to make a non-stop repetition of gigantic bubbles.

WOWmazing® Bubbles-in-a-bubble

Make one gigantic bubble using the WOWmazing® wands, then slowly blow air towards the larger bubble to create smaller bubbles.

WOWmazing® Catch-a-bubble

Make a smaller bubble keeping the tips of the WOWmazing® wands closer together and then cover up that bubble with a bigger bubble by expanding your WOWmazing™ around that smaller bubble.


Hold the WOWmazing wands with two hands on your right or left and walk forward


Place a person inside a bubble
Note: trick will require a giant bubble hoop.


Hold the WOWmazing wands with two hands and move your hands forward and backward while your legs stay put.


Dip the hula hoop into the WOWmazing solution and move it slowly over your head.
Note: trick will require a giant bubble hoop.


Hold the WOWmazing wands with two hands (not too wide) and slowly blow air through the bubbles.


Note: for demonstration only. we currently do not sell smoke devices.


Note: This is a demonstration only. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

Additional tips

• If you keep the tips in the open position, you can make a long bubble tube, until it pops. Or bring the tips back together to make a large big bubble.
• If there is no breeze, move the sticks to the open position and move them through the air or slowly spin around in a circle. Make all your movements slowly, just fast enough to form the bubble, but not too fast, or it may pop.
• As the soap film breaks, dip the loop gently into the solution again.
• If the breeze is strong, open the loop an inch or two and this will create a cluster of small bubbles.

South Beach Bubbles

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