Gotta Create Some Fun? We Have the Solution!
And the wands. And the support.

You’ve got a group of fun lovers to entertain. They’ve played with big beach balls, run relay races, and had their faces painted.

But have they chased huge, ginormous, WOWmazing bubbles?

South Beach Bubbles is ready to design a bubble program, customized just for you. Let’s have a chat about your clientele, your climate, your schedule and your budget. And we’ll deliver a new, unique, active, creative “WOW” experience you can put into play, right away – even when you’re social distancing!

WOWmazing Bubbles Are the Perfect Fit for…

  • - Hotels
  • - Camps
  • - Parks
  • - Recreation Centers
  • - Resorts
  • - Cruise Ships
  • - Fundraising Events
  • - Community Events
  • - Daycare Centers
  • - Waterparks
  • - Schools
  • - Farms

Get With The Program

Why should kids have all the fun? Ginormous bubbles entertain the whole family. Will “The Orange Team” create a bigger bubble than “The Purple Team?”

Simplicity rules. If you like, forget the rules, the teams and the competition. Unstructured “open play” is enough to create an unforgettable experience.

Bubbles are magnetic. We hear it all the time. “I began creating giant bubbles for the kids, and pretty soon, there was a big crowd around us!”

Explore a world of fun. If your audience is international, you’ll discover that “Wow!” is “Wow!” in any language.

You win the storage war. Our wands and solution are compact, and store in a very small space.


The World’s Top Brands Have Partnered With Us!