Frequently Asked Questions

We challenge the bubble industry by asking “Why ship water?” It’s bulky and expensive to ship and store. Instead, our WOWmazing bubble Concentrate was specifically designed for giant and long-lasting bubbles. Just add water! You've got plenty of water at home.

Years before South beach Bubbles was established, our founders built a big bubble wands and tried many different bubble solutions and homemade recipes on how to make homemade big bubbles. They were very disappointed with the results and it took them years of trial and error combined with consultations with chemists to perfect the WOWmazing Bubble Concentrate.

Regular bubble solution will not work for giant bubbles.

Each Liquid Concentrate pouch will make 1 quart of big bubble juice. Each Powder packet will make 1 gallon of big bubble juice.

Yes. Camps, Day Cares, Schools, Camps are just a few of the groups that qualify for volume discounts. See more on this page Here.

Yes. All our products were tested in a CPC (Children's Product Certificate) accepted Lab for the American, European and Canadian standards. Our WOWmazing Bubble Concentrate and Powder are proudly manufactured in the USA. The SDS is on file with Amazon. As parents of small children and pride ourselves on having fun and safe products that everyone can enjoy!

Our kits do not come with a bucket. Any household bucket or container will do as long as it is clean and has no residues of chemicals!

Absolutely. The WOWmazing bubble solution works very well even in cold weather! Many of our customers are playing with it during the snow season.

Our USA made WOWmazing Bubble Concentrate and Powder are non-toxic, environment friendly, and biodegradable. All our products are fully tested following the American, Candian, and European standards.

That’s a good question. Of course, results may vary, everyone is different. Factors such as the size of the bubbles and the frequency you're blowing will impact how long a pouch will last. As an average bench mark, one pouch of WOWmazing Concentrate should entertain you and your family for about an hour (and a powder packet = 4 hours).

Yes. The only weather factor that will seriously affect your ability to blow big bubbles is wind. If there's excessive wind, it's probably not the best day to blow big bubbles, but it's a great day to blow lots of little bubbles. Cool damp conditions are better for blowing bubbles, especially big bubbles, in contrast to hot dry conditions. When attempting to blow gigantic bubbles, blowing them in the shade may help increase their lifespan. The shade will help slow the rate of evaporation. Our WOWmazing solution works in virtually all weather conditions, yes even freezing, so don't get too caught up in weather. Get outside and play!

Bubble Season" is Spring to Summer but our bubbles work in every climate and can be played with all year long even in the winter!

Ages vary from 6 to 96… Over the years, we have identified three kinds of bubblers:
• those who enjoy blowing bubbles (mostly age range of 6-12 years old)
• those who enjoy watching bubbles (most adults)
• and those who enjoy popping bubbles (mostly 2- 5 years old)

The largest outdoor free floating soap bubble has a volume of 96.27 m³ (3,399.7 ft³) and was achieved by Gary Pearlman (USA) at Wade Oval Park, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, on 20 June 2015. This is what we call “WOWmazing”!

It depends… A soap bubble will float if it is filled with helium or some other light gas. The bubble will float just like balloons filled with helium because its total weight is smaller than the same volume of air.
To any reasonable degree of precision, a bubble weighs as much as the volume of air it contains. Bubbles are often only a very few molecules thick , and can be a single molecule thick. The soap, water, or whatever liquid surrounding the air has a minuscule weight, even compared to the air it encloses.
Bubbles do not exert much pressure on the air they contain, either. the air inside is essentially at one atmosphere of pressure , and so the volume of the bubble times the density of air is very, very close to the actual mass of the entire bubble .

Get outside and play! The old-fashioned way...