At South Beach Bubbles, we believe Outdoor Family Fun has the power to redefine your guest experience.
Your hospitality business is unique. Luckily, so is our solution.

It all begins and ends with the guest experience. You want to make sure that the entire resort experience is delightful to your guests. Our Giant Bubble Program was specifically designed to meet the needs of resorts and cruise lines of all sizes.

Looking for a fun NEW activity for your Kids Club? ​
Want to make your Kids Club stand out from all other resorts & cruise lines?

We have the SOLUTION for you... South Beach Bubbles WOWmazing big bubble activities!!!

We have a program that will make children engage in this new, exciting big bubble making activity!!! Bubbles so big and fun that it will keep children of all ages entertained for hours, making them want to come back for more!!
WOWmazing bubble activities are so easy and fun for everyone!! Don’t be left behind, start seeing the magic unfold as guests from all over come together while laughing and enjoying the outdoors and leaving all gadgets and electronics behind.

What is the “WOWMAZING™ Giant Bubble Program” all about?

Everyone loves bubbles! The WOWMAZING™ Giant Bubble Program includes everything you need to entertain parents and kids making GINORMOUS, high flying and long lasting bubbles. Even passers-by will be mesmerized and sure to say “WOW... Amazing”!

The objective of this activity is to get kids (and potentially adults) to play outdoors enhancing their imagination and coordination, decreasing stress, and helping them stay happy enjoying carefree childhood fun! It will certainly make happy hour a bubbly festival for the entire resort.

We will guide your kids club team and supply all the necessary accessories to make this activity a great success. 

We partnered with the World's Best-Known Brands

"We instantly knew it was the activity for us. The WOWmazing activity brought laughter, excitement and entertainment to our resort”

Julien Woerpel

Recreation Manager,
Grand Hyatt Kaua’i Resort & Spa, HI

"We strive for our guests to focus on being outdoors and having good old fashioned fun. WOWmazing products and activity brings us the ease of having our guests enjoy a fun outdoor activity that creates memories for a life time!"

Meredith Pettit

Children’s Program Director,
The Tyler Place Family Resort, VT